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Elon Musk fumbles after discrepancy in OpenAI investment claims

by John Biggs

Elon Musk has recently come under scrutiny for his claims about his investment in OpenAI, a non-profit artificial intelligence research company. Musk has previously stated that he had invested $100 million in the company, but new evidence suggests that the actual amount is closer to $50 million. The discrepancy was first noticed by a Twitter user who posted a screenshot of a filing from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The filing showed that Musk had invested $50 million in OpenAI in 2018. This was further confirmed by a spokesperson from OpenAI, who stated that the company had received $50 million from Musk in 2018. The discrepancy has raised questions about Musk’s credibility, as he has previously made similar claims about other investments. It is unclear why Musk would have exaggerated the amount of his investment in OpenAI, but it is likely that he was trying to make a statement about his commitment to the company.

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