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“Papers, please” hits 5 million sales after a decade

by John Biggs

A decade has passed since the release of the unexpectedly emotional and curiously captivating game “Papers, Please,” a unique blend of dystopian narrative and document thriller.

This unconventional game has now reached a significant milestone, having sold five million copies across various platforms in the last ten years. In honor of this accomplishment, Lucas Pope, the game’s developer, and his company 3909 LLC, have crafted a new web game titled “LCD, Please.”

This game allows players to experience certain elements of the original title, but with a nostalgic twist. Much like its predecessor, “LCD, Please” puts players in charge of approving or rejecting passport and transit requests. However, it does so while paying homage to the handheld LCD devices of the past, such as Nintendo’s Game & Watch series. With its monochromatic sound, straightforward controls, and compelling gameplay, “LCD, Please” is a delightful diversion that could easily consume a few unexpected minutes of your workday. But the celebration of “Papers, Please” doesn’t stop at the web game.

The developer has also released an official soundtrack, which is now available on Spotify and Apple Music, providing fans with a musical journey through the game’s dystopian world. Additionally, a developer’s log offers insider information, detailing the game’s original pitch and its evolution over the years. For those looking to own a piece of this gaming milestone, there’s a store selling merchandise related to “Papers, Please.” From posters and shirts to stickers and more, fans can now bring a piece of this dystopian document thriller into their everyday lives.

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