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Pooks.ai offers AI-Powered personalized books

by John Biggs

Dr. Bo Bennett, a figure in the publishing industry and the mind behind eBookIt.com and BookMarketing.pro has created something called Pooks.ai, a platform that uses artificial intelligence to create personalized eBooks and audiobooks, promising a unique reading experience tailored to each individual’s preferences and needs.

Dr. Bennett, who has spent over a decade navigating the ever-changing landscape of the publishing industry, views Pooks.ai as a monumental stride in how we consume literature. “The introduction of AI technology allows every reader to immerse themselves in a book that is custom-made for them. This, I believe, is the most significant innovation in publishing since the advent of digital books in the late 90s,” he said. 

The distinctiveness of Pooks.ai lies in its two-tiered personalization approach: content-based and preference-based. Content-based personalization empowers readers to dictate the specific topic of a book. For instance, one could craft a book centered around a journey to Venice, Cinque Terre, and the Amalfi coast. Preference-based personalization, on the other hand, considers a reader’s lifestyle, dietary restrictions, and learning preferences. Whether the reader is a senior citizen with mobility issues or someone with specific dietary needs, Pooks.ai takes all these factors into account to create the perfect book.

Pooks.ai also incorporates learning styles, preferred topics for analogies and examples, and even the reader’s favorite decade for contextual references. The aim is to make reading a truly personal and engaging experience. Dr. Bennett explains, “Pooks.ai utilizes a blend of various APIs that interact with different types of AI to generate text and audio, all behind a simple, user-friendly interface that any reader can navigate with ease.”

At its launch, Pooks.ai offers a broad spectrum of categories for personalized books, including fitness, travel, pet care, training, self-help, marketing, and weight loss. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. The platform plans to launch a new category each day, expanding its offerings even further. Pooks.ai is also introducing a “white label” option.

This innovative feature allows organizations to collaborate with Pooks.ai to personalize a book for their industry, which can then be used for promotional purposes. For example, Pooks.ai is creating a white-label book for its sister company, BookMarketing.pro, enabling authors to create a personalized book promotion that helps them devise a comprehensive marketing and promotional plan for their specific book, considering factors like genre, budget, technical ability, and more. The personalized books are available in various formats: eBook (PDF, EPUB, and .mobi formats) and audiobook (m4b audiobook files and zip files of all the .mp3 files). Each book takes about an hour to create and is priced similarly to a typical generic book. The length of each book varies depending on the topic and the level of detail provided by the reader, but on average, a book is about 100 pages long, and the audiobook is roughly 2 hours in duration.

“Pooks.ai offers the same level of personalization that consumers have come to expect in other areas of their lives,” said Dr. Bennett. “This goes beyond just choosing a book – it’s about shaping the book’s content to suit the reader’s unique preferences and needs.” The future of reading is here, and it’s personalized. You can experience this revolution by visiting Pooks.ai. Pooks.ai is an AI-powered personalized book service created by publishing industry veteran, Dr. Bo Bennett. The platform offers eBooks and audiobooks that adapt to each reader’s specific needs, circumstances, and preferences. 

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