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RedDress raises $26 million to develop new treatment for chronic wounds

by John Biggs

RedDress, a medical technology company, has raised $26 million in funding to develop a new treatment for chronic wounds. The treatment involves using a patient’s own blood to create a personalized wound-healing solution. This solution is then applied to the wound, promoting faster healing and reducing the risk of infection.

The company raised from ATHOS Biopharma GmbH, Investors Group of HCS Capital, and the Ragnar Crossover Fund.

Chronic wounds are a significant problem for many people, particularly those with diabetes or other chronic conditions. These wounds can take months or even years to heal, and can lead to serious complications such as infections and amputations. Current treatments for chronic wounds are often ineffective and can be expensive and time-consuming.

RedDress’s new treatment offers a promising alternative. By using a patient’s own blood, the treatment is personalized to their specific needs and is less likely to cause adverse reactions or complications. The treatment is also relatively simple and can be administered in a doctor’s office or clinic. The $26 million in funding will be used to further develop and test the treatment, with the goal of bringing it to market in the near future.

“Healing is in our blood, and we are grateful for the continued support from our investors as we advance our mission of supplying healthcare providers with an effective solution to treat chronic and complex wounds through an innovative system that harnesses the power of patient’s own blood,” said Alon Kushnir, CEO RedDress. “This latest funding round further validates the efficacy and strong market performance of the ActiGraft system and provides us with critical resources to expand our autologous, blood-based wound care solutions so we can continue to develop new innovations in other healthcare fields.”

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