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X moves towards becoming an “everything app” with video call feature

by John Biggs

In a recent interview, Linda Yaccarino, the CEO of the social networking platform formerly known as Twitter, now referred to as X, announced the introduction of a video call feature. This move is part of the company’s broader strategy to evolve into a comprehensive “everything app.” This was Yaccarino’s first television interview since she left NBCUniversal and assumed her new role at X in June.

Yaccarino shared with CNBC’s Sara Eisen that users would soon be able to make video chat calls without disclosing their phone numbers to others on the platform. This feature is an addition to the array of services X aims to provide, including long-form videos, creator subscriptions, and payment options.

Before the official announcement, X’s designer, Andrea Conway, sparked speculation about the new feature with a cryptic tweet: “just called someone on X,” followed by four head-exploding emojis. At the time, it was unclear whether she was referring to voice calls, video calls, or both. However, in light of Yaccarino’s announcement, Conway’s tweet appears to confirm that the calling feature is under active development.

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, has previously shared his vision of transforming the platform into an all-encompassing app. His ambitious plan includes features that allow users to subscribe to their favorite creators, watch videos, express their thoughts in posts up to 25,000 characters long, upload funds, send payments, and potentially even store cash in high-yield savings accounts. The company has been making rapid strides toward these goals.

Last month, it launched a revenue-sharing program with global creators and recently added support for two-hour videos. This feature was promptly utilized by Apple to stream an entire episode of its Apple TV+ show “Silo.” In a recent move that suggests a potential focus on the music industry, the company acquired the @music handle. During the interview, Yaccarino echoed Musk’s vision for the “everything app,” stating that she joined the company with the understanding that transformation was the ultimate goal. She further clarified her role in relation to Musk’s, explaining that while Musk focuses on product design and new technology, she is responsible for running the company, overseeing everything from partnerships, legal, sales, finance, and more. The roles, she emphasized, are clearly demarcated.

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